Hi, i have released a new sog to which you can sing along to in the car and under the shower XD
Stream it now and share it with your friend.
Every support means a lot to me!!

OUT NOW: https://ffm.to/lqnoa0v

Unbenanntes_Projekt 2.png

About me:


Nickname: I never had one... text me your idea

Birthday: 28.05.02

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 1,60

Hair color: Something between blond & white

Favorite clothes: purple matching clothes

Favorite music: BABY QUEEN

I am a fan of : people who recognize the song title within the first seconds

Favorite Food: Pasta (Barilla)

I love: To do list

I hate: Chocolate, Coffee 

Dream job: ice princess, chimney sweep (my 4 year old me )

Biggest wish: 💄☂️🎆


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